• You can choose from a range of home-cooked dishes, from salads and quiches to a variety of critically acclaimed pies. There are also seasonal suggestions like chouchroute-garni or a bouillabaisse. The absolute highlight is the patisserie wich greeted you at the entrance. All the dishes and desserts are prepared daily with fresh ingredients and lots of love for the pureness of the ingredients.
  • A wide selection of daily baked cakes , always with fresh products. During the Summer you will enjoy a rich stream of fruitcakes and throughout the year you can let your taste buds enjoy our crumbles with seasonal ingredients (rhubarb, pears, ...)
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The best desserts in town, that's how people have come to know "Popoff" in Antwerp


More than 20 years of expertise can be found daily in the carefully prepared, gorgeous dishes